“SAFE METAMORPHOSIS!!” is a series of thoughts that gives voice to the unspoken trauma from everyday-life transformations. We often ignore the consequential uprooting of Self when thrusted from one identity-building state to another. The trauma of leaving school, “growing up”, the demise of a romantic relationship, losing faith in a purpose; all these experiences are normalised and rarely paid their due gravity. This collection of poetry explores metamorphoses at different points of my journey and how the trauma attached alters Self and communicates with others.


I imagine a space station where a group of seasoned Homo sapiens wait for new socially oblivious humans in embryo-pods to fly past on existential conveyor belts that plummet them from the cocoon up into the real world. The veterans have endured the turbulent caterpillar to butterfly formation; they know the pain, the growth and the journey that is ahead of these new humans. In satirical wit they yell “SAFE METAMORPHOSIS!!” as each newly hatched human shoots by them at break-neck-speed.

"Safe Metamorphosis!!!" Poetry Book